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The Janssen Boas Company

Janssen Boas manufactures precision metal components in the United States, China, and India. We specialize in forging, casting, and machining. To support our customers’ global operations, we can hold inventory and ship to anywhere in the world.

Our long-standing customer relationships are built on exceptional value in quality, price, and delivery performance. When you work with Janssen Boas, you can stay focused on your core business. Our goal is to create successful partnerships for the long run.

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Thinking about reshoring your production? We can help bring your parts back to the USA.

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Increase Export Sales

With our overseas offices, relationships, and experience, we help American companies increase exports.

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We have tried a number of different avenues in global sourcing but Janssen Boas stands out for their excellent service, reliability, and results.
-Purchasing Manager, Boston, MA
We don’t have the manpower to manage multiple overseas suppliers. Janssen Boas has that capability and it’s been a lifesaver.
-Purchasing Manager, Houston, TX
Parts from Janssen Boas make up a key part of our global supply chain. Janssen Boas' performance has been exceptional, particularly in meeting demands for new manufacturing processes, special materials, and last-minute changes.
-Global Sourcing Manager, Pittsburgh, PA
The Janssen Boas team has provided our engineers with invaluable support.
-Mechanical Engineer, Los Angeles, CA
Janssen Boas backs up their parts. If there is a problem, they fix it.
-Plant Manager, Long Island, NY
I wish all of our suppliers could be like Janssen Boas.
-CEO, Chicago, IL

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