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Author via @WSJ (5 Dec)
Think big in the USA: In World of Big Stuff, the U.S. Still Rules. Read more

Author via The Economist (24 Nov)
Manufacturing: The new maker rules | Big forces are reshaping the world of manufacturing. Read more

Author via VentureBeat (13 Nov)
Chinese online mall Taobao reports $3B -- yes billion -- in sales in one day. Read more

Author via Business Insider (8 Nov)
Does Apple want to bring some manufacturing back to the USA? Foxconn Looking at Setting Up in US. Read more

Author via JanssenBoas (6 Nov)
Janssen Boas is at the China International Lead and Zinc Conference in Nanjing.

Author via JanssenBoas (24 Sep)
Janssen Boas is at MINExpo 2012 in Las Vegas.


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